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Senior Leader - 02


I worked with Alison on a Leadership Development program for my team in O2. Alison was the reason the program brought about a cultural shift in my team and a step change in performance. Her ability to understand stakeholder needs, the strategic business direction and to gauge the differing abilities of the team meant that program felt tailored to each person.


Across the year we worked together I observed Ali work separately with members of my team when she had spotted an opportunity to nudge them forward. She was innovative and creative in what she put together for my team and I would highly recommend Ali to anyone looking to bring about real change to their team's capabilities.


HR Business Partner


Alison is an extremely talented learning & development professional, who has great commercial and business acumen. She truly connects with the business area she works with, developing strong stakeholder relationships, and is a respected coach by senior management. Alison's really connects with people, creative in her approach, hard working always delivering high quality work on time. I would highly recommend Alison to any organisation.


L&D Manager


Ali has a warm, positive approach to life, that is at the core of everything that she does. She cares passionately about people, and develops them with an ease that will be an asset to any company.


Her delivery style is thoroughly engaging, and her anecdotes add real value to the sessions, and to the overall delegate experience.


She blows into a room like a breath of fresh air; always positive, always focused and (above all) always looking to improve the skills and lives of others. She innovates constantly, looking to improve the impact of her interventions. Her natural coaching and consultative style means that people are able to approach her at all times, with confidence that their issues and development gaps will be addressed. This approach also help others to own their individual development, increasing the efficacy of Ali's interventions.


If you have the chance to use her skills and abilities within your organisation, you should grab that opportunity with both hands!


Former Thomson Holiday Store Manager


I worked with Ali for many years at Lunn Poly (GETAWAY!).

Whether you were a managing director, a trainee, a cleaner or whatever,  Ali could relate to you.


There was never anybody in the whole region who was

more thought of and deservedly so.


The most infectious personality and her constant thrive to better herself and her team was second to none. The most hard working and dedicated person ever who will ALWAYS succeed in what she aims for.


I am proud to have worked with her.


Director - Momentum Capability Solutions Ltd


Ali's passion for people is apparent for all to see and she naturally infects everyone with her zest for learning.

She is amongst the most engaging, fun, energetic and effective trainers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her blend of knowledge, experience, style and keeping-it-real combine to create first rate interventions that land the proverbial punch and leave her delegates impacted way beyond the classroom.

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